Student Discipline - Suspension Abeyance Contract Regulation

Section J - Students

Regulation Title: Student Discipline - Suspension Abeyance Contract
Regulation Code: JK-R4

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Suspension Abeyance Contract

An Administrator may offer to hold a suspension in abeyance, that is, to not immediately impose a suspension for certain offenses, if (1) the administrator believes it is in the best interests of the student and the school community, (2) the student and parent/legal guardian agree to certain conditions, and (3) the student and parents sign an abeyance contract. (See Exhibit JK-R4-E1 and JK-R4-E2).

Abeyance Contract

  1. An abeyance contract sets forth the conditions under which the school agrees to not impose a suspension. If the student violates the agreement, the suspension will automatically be reinstated at that time without further process. (See Exhibit JK-R4-E4) Abeyance contracts may not exceed 90 school days. Administrators may seek additional days through written confirmation from the appropriate Assistant Superintendent. Said additional days may not extend the contract beyond the last day of the quarter within which the 90th day falls.
  2. The abeyance contract template (See Exhibit JK-R4-E1 and JK-R4-E2) may not be modified except to insert one or more of the optional conditions. (See Exhibit JK-R4-E3) If the school administration would like to include a requirement not listed as one of the optional conditions, the administrator must obtain approval from the Legal Department for that modification.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Student must acknowledge he/she violated the Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities and parent/legal guardian and, if applicable, student must agree to waive the student's right to a long-term suspension hearing and any subsequent appeals;


    Student has been found to be in violation of the Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities at a long-term hearing and the parent/legal guardian agrees to waive the student's right to any subsequent appeals.

  2. The student's current violation did not occur while another suspension was being held in abeyance through another abeyance contract.
  3. Student and parent/legal guardian must sign an abeyance contract.

Violation Eligibility Requirements:

An abeyance contract is NOT available for possession of a firearm or destructive device as defined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Administrative Considerations:

The suspending administrator must weigh the severity of the offense, the student's prior disciplinary record, the parental/community support in place for the student and the impact of the offense on the school community when determining whether to offer an abeyance contract to the student and parent/legal guardian.

Reviewed: March 24, 2009
Reviewed: September 24, 2010 [Friday Report] - Cross Ref Policy Correction 10-12-10

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