Employee Benefits Trust Committee

Employee Benefits Trust (EBT) | Mark C. Mansfield, Chair | 520-225-6000 | Email EBT | 1010 E. Tenth St., Tucson, AZ 85719

The next EBT meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 4, 2023.

Click this link to watch the meeting live via Zoom: https://tusd1.zoom.us/j/86249219319?pwd=ek9jY0JnUVVtVjk2RzV2SGd2ekI2Zz09



Get the latest Employee Benefits Committee materials, such as notices, agendas, and minutes on: BoardDocs

From the BoardDocs page, select the drop-down in the upper-right and from the menu that appears, select Employee Benefits Trust Committee.
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Older Documents and Recordings:

  1. Please request records from prior to Feb 10, 2020 by emailing EBT
  2. Audio/Video Recordings from May 28, 2020 - Oct 3, 2022 on Livestream
Member List
  • Mark C. Mansfield
    Trustee Member (Elected Chair)
    (Appointed 02-14-17)
    Term Length: No limit
  • Jon FernandezTrustee Member:
    (Appointed 03-14-23)
    Term Length: 03-14-26
  • Renee Heusser
    Trustee Member:
    (Appointed 12-07-21)
    Term Length: 12-07-24
  • Loran Shedd
    Trustee Member
    (Appointed 10-26-21)
    Term Length: 10-26-24
  • Sadie Shaw
    Board Ex-Officio
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