Student Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices

Section J - Students

Policy Title: Student Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices
Policy Code: JICJ

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For purposes of this policy, "electronic devices" include, but are not limited to, cell phones, Mp3 players, iPods, personal digital assistants (PDA's), e-book readers, compact disc players, portable game consoles, cameras, digital scanners, lap top computers, tablet computers and other electronic or battery powered instruments which transmit voice, text, or data from one person to another.

Students may possess and use cellular telephones and/or other electronic signaling devices subject to limitations of this and other policies of the District under the following conditions and guidelines:

  • Cell phones and/or electronic devices are to be kept out of view in a student's locker, pocket, or a carrying bag.
  • Such devices shall not be turned on or used during instructional time, except as authorized by the teacher.
  • The principal shall establish additional guidelines appropriate to campus needs.
  • Students violating the policy may have the electronic device confiscated and be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Any search of the contents of an electronic device shall be by an administrator. An administrator may only search an electronic device if they have reasonable suspicion that the device contains evidence of a violation of the TUSD Student Code of Conduct. Any such search must be limited in scope to the portion of the device (i.e., the phone app, file folder, photo gallery, etc.) in which there is reasonable suspicion to believe the evidence is contained. Administrators may not search an electronic device where the only suspected violation is the improper possession of the device.

Reasonable efforts will be taken to secure property that has been confiscated; however, neither the School District nor the School District Staff is responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any electronic device including but not limited to cell phones, laptops, tablet computers, portable media player brought to school, even if loss, damage or theft results from the device being confiscated.

Adopted: June 21, 2005
Revised: July 24, 2012
Revised: August 23, 2022

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