Rights and Responsibilities

Section J - Students

Policy Title: Rights and Responsibilities
Policy Code: JI

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This policy sets forth guidelines by which student rights are to be determined consistent with law.
The Board has the authority and responsibility to establish reasonable rules and regulations for the conduct and deportment of students of the District. At the same time, no student shall be deprived of equal treatment and equal access to the educational program, due process, and free expression and association in accordance with these guidelines.

Attendant upon the rights established for each student are certain responsibilities, which include respect for the rights of others, follow direction of properly constituted school authority, and compliance with the rules and regulations of this District.

Students who have reached the age of eighteen (18) years possess the full rights of adults and may authorize school matters previously handled by their parents.

The Superintendent shall develop and promulgate administrative procedures consistent with law and Board policy to ensure that student rights under varying conditions are properly described.

Adopted: October 5, 2004
Revised: July 24, 2012

Legal Ref: A.R.S. 15-341