Library Materials Selection and Adoption Regulation

Section I: Instructional Program

Regulation Title: Library Materials Selection and Adoption
Regulation Code: IJL-R
Lead Department: Academic Excellence

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Criteria for Selection
The following applies to all materials, including print, non-print, and electronic resources:

  • Library materials shall support and be consistent with the District's educational goals, state standards, and the objectives of individual school sites' various courses.
  • Library materials shall meet high standards of quality in factual content, artistic and literary value, and presentation.
  • Library materials shall be appropriate for the subject area and for the age, language(s), emotional development, ability level, learning styles, and social development of students.
  • Library materials will meet the instructional needs of the faculty and the individual inquiry interests of the students; materials should be relevant and up-to-date.
  • Authority of the author, organization, publisher/producer, should be a consideration in the selection of materials.
  • Library materials should appear with a favorable designation in one or more of the recognized editorial reviewing tools (Library Professional Review Source). When possible, direct examination of materials is advisable to ensure that criteria are met.
  • Library materials should be evaluated for cost effectiveness in terms of accessibility, amount of use, and durability. Accessibility may include, but is not limited to, inter-library loans.
  • Physical format and appearance should be suitable for library material's intended use.
  • Library materials shall be selected to help students gain an awareness of diversity within our own society as well as the world at large, and, whenever possible, authors and illustrators of diverse backgrounds will be represented.
  • The decision to select library materials on issues deemed controversial should be guided by consideration of collection diversity and representation of alternative points of view and relevance to curriculum.

Requesting an addition to the collection

To request a specific library material to be removed from the collection, refer to Policy # IJG - Intellectual Freedom.

Gift materials should be judged by the criteria listed in the preceding section and should be accepted or rejected on the basis of those criteria. The school library welcomes gifts of books and other materials provided that:

  • They meet the same standards of selection as those applied to school library purchases.
  • They can be integrated into the school library collection.
  • The school library may offer the gift to another library or institution if it is useful but not needed in the school library.
  • The school library may dispose of the gift at the discretion of the professional library staff.

Weeding (de-selection) is an essential element of collection development that ensures the library's materials are relevant, accurate, and useful. Collections must change over time to reflect changes in the curriculum. Weeding is a continual evaluation of resources intended to remove items from the library collection that are no longer useful.

Books removed from a school's library collection must be disposition in accordance with District procedures.

Reviewed: June 30, 2006 (Friday Report)

Legal Ref: A.R.S 15-362 Libraries; powers and duties
15-721 Common schools; course of study; textbooks
15-722 High schools; course of study; textbooks

Cross Ref: IJK - Library Programs; IJG - Intellectual Freedom; ADF - Intercultural Proficiency