Library Programs

Section I: Instructional Program

Policy Title: Library Programs
Policy Code: IJK
Lead Department: Professional Development and Academics

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The library, staffed by a highly qualified teacher-librarian, is an integral and indispensable component of the unique learning environment created in each of the District's elementary, middle and high schools. Teacher-librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to set instructional goals and implement instructional practices that engage students in developing and mastering the critical skills of information literacy.

The mission of the school library program is to support student achievement by promoting the habits of lifelong learning. The library, the intellectual hub of the school community, is where students and adults work and learn together, developing and applying information literacy skills in ways that continually generate new interests and knowledge.

This mission is accomplished by

  • providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats.
  • providing instruction using the Tucson Unified School District's Integrated Library Curriculum to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas.
  • collaborating with other educators to develop more and better professional knowledge about teaching diverse student populations effectively.

The school library program will be offered to all students in grades pre-K through 12 according to the staffing plan established each fiscal year and will include the services of a professional, certified teacher-librarian.

A comprehensive school library program includes

  • a certified teacher-librarian who actively participates in the planning and implementation of standards-based education.
  • the Tucson Unified School District's Integrated Library Curriculum delivered by teacher-librarians to students using individual, small group or whole group instruction in collaboration with classroom teachers.
  • support staff.
  • information services and professional development for faculty, staff, and members of the school community.
  • equitable access to information.
  • flexible scheduling that enables all students to have access to the school library, its staff and resources.
  • print and non-print collections that support current curriculum.
  • print collections that support recreational reading.
  • on-line and reference subscriptions that support current curriculum.
  • Internet access.

The teacher-librarian collaborates with the faculty to integrate information literacy with content area instruction and learning strategies across the curriculum, pre-K through grade 12. The success of this mission depends upon the partnership and mutual support of school administrators, classroom teachers, and teacher-librarians.

Adopted: January 18, 2005
Revised: January 17, 2013 [Cross Reference Correction Only]

CROSS REF.: DBD Staffing Plan