Visitors to School

Section K: School/Community Relations

Policy Title: Visitors to School
Policy Code: KI

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It is the policy of the Governing Board to encourage parents and other interested citizens to visit schools and classrooms as long as such visits do not disrupt school operations or interfere with the educational process. Parents, citizens and members of the governing board shall have reasonable access to observe classes, activities and functions at the schools upon advance notice to, and authorization by, the building principal or designee.  Authorization shall be given to parents of enrolled pupils and parents who wish to enroll their children in TUSD unless their visit, tour, or classroom observation threatens the health and safety of TUSD pupils and staff.  This authorization may be revoked at any time for violations of TUSD policy or state or federal law.  Visitors to schools may not take photographs, video recordings, or audio recordings during their visit without the express prior permission of the building principal or designee, as required by Governing Board Policy ABB.

In order to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter buildings and that the educational process or other school operations are not disrupted, all visitors to the schools shall report to the school office when entering, must sign in at the front office, and must receive authorization before visiting other parts of the campus. This requirement does not apply when visitors are attending an athletic event or other school program in areas typically used for large group assembly such as gymnasiums and auditoriums, or when parents are attending activities clearly for the purpose of parent involvement such as an open house or parent-teacher conferences.

Visitors whose purpose is to influence or solicit students shall not be permitted on the school grounds unless the principal or designee has determined that the visit furthers the educational program of the District or the career or educational aspirations of the student.

To promote the general health, welfare, and well being of all who enter school property, and pursuant to state law, smoking, chewing, or any use of tobacco products by staff, students, or visitors is prohibited on all school property. No visitor shall carry or possess a weapon, explosive device, knife (with a blade of 2 ½ inches or more) or any other dangerous or illegal instrument on District-owned premises unless he/she is a peace officer or has obtained specific authorization from the Superintendent. Persons violating the criminal law by using, selling, or distributing any controlled substance on school grounds, on school buses transporting students, or within 1,000 feet of the perimeter of the school grounds shall be subject to enhanced criminal penalties.

The District prohibits all registered sex offenders from property owned by the School District, as well as any property that is immediately adjacent to property owned by the District, and from attending any District sponsored activity or event.

TUSD employees, vendors, and contractors visiting a school site must wear their employee badge at all times and register with the office when arriving.

Unauthorized persons shall not loiter on school property at any time. All districts employees are expected to help enforce the loitering rule and state law that prohibits loitering and interfering with normal school activities by informing the administration of suspected loitering. Law enforcement shall be called if persons violating this policy refuse to comply.

Adopted: October 5, 2004
Reviewed: November 13, 2012
Revised:  October 6, 2022

Legal Ref: A.R.S. 13-1302

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