Personal Privacy – Students, Staff, Volunteers at Schools

Section A: Foundation and Basic Commitments

Policy Title: Personal Privacy – Students, Staff, Volunteers at Schools
Policy Code: ABB

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Personal Privacy Rights

The Tucson Unified Governing Board values civility, respect for the individual and the privacy of students, staff and volunteers, and visitors. These values include safeguarding against inappropriate invasions of personal privacy rights. In addition to the privacy protections provided by applicable laws and regulations of the Tucson Unified School District, and reasonable regulations promulgated by building and central administrators, the following policy shall apply to photographs, video recordings and audio recordings on Tucson Unified School District property.

Definition of Recordings, Prior Consent Required

Except as specifically set forth in this policy, no person present on School District property shall make, publish or distribute any photograph, video recording or audio recording (collectively, "Recordings") capturing the image or voice of any other person on School District property (a "Recording Subject") without the express prior permission of the building administrator.


Violations of this policy shall be subject to the following potential consequences:

  1. In the case of violations by staff and volunteers, disciplinary action as permitted by law and Governing Board Policy, including Regulation GBEB-R Staff Conduct;
  2. In the case of violations by students, (i) confiscation of recording equipment until any unauthorized Recording has been erased, and (ii) disciplinary action pursuant to the School District's Code of Conduct, and Regulation JICJ-R Use of Cell Phones;
  3. In the case of visitors, ejection from School District premises and other appropriate action, as noted in Regulation KI-R Visitors to Schools.

Prior Consent Not Required

The following Recordings may be made without the prior consent of a Recording Subject, subject to any further privacy protections provided by applicable laws and regulations, and providedfurther, that no otherwise-permitted Recording shall be distributed or disseminated for the purpose of annoying, intimidating or harassing any Recording Subject:

  1. Recordings made by or on behalf of the School District for inclusion in School District publications and newsletters, or for dissemination to the news media for the purpose of publicizing School District programs or events.
  2. Recordings made by representatives of news media, parents and other persons lawfully on School District premises to attend School District events open to visitors, including dramatic productions, athletic events, meetings of the Board of Education and other meetings open to the public on School District premises; providedhowever, that Recordings may be limited in the case of performances of copyrighted material.
  3. Recordings made in connection with certification and other credentialing processes applicable to teachers and teaching assistants.
  4. Recordings made with the approval of the Superintendent for the purpose of assessing or improving the quality of instruction.
  5. Recordings made by faculty members for educational purposes, or for dissemination only in the faculty member's classroom or school.
  6. Recordings made for use in connection with class photographs, student publications and yearbooks.
  7. Recordings made and maintained by the School District for security purposes.
  8. Recordings of interior or exterior scenes where the presence of Recording Subjects who have not given consent is merely part of an incidental background.
  9. Such other Recordings as are approved in advance by the Superintendent or Designee, a Building Principal or Designee, which approval may include appropriate restrictions.

ADOPTED: April 28, 2020

GBEB-R1 – Staff Conduct Regulation

JICJ-R – Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices Regulation

KI-R -  Visitors to Schools Regulation