Public Gifts and Donations to Schools

Section K: School/Community Relations

Policy Title: Public Gifts and Donations to Schools
Policy Code: KCD

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Superintendent Authority and Responsibilities The Governing Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to accept public gifts and donations as may be made to the District or to any school in the District.

The Superintendent will place quarterly reports of gifts and donations received on the Board Agenda.

Guidelines To be acceptable, a gift must satisfy the following criteria:
  • It will have a purpose consistent with those of the school.
  • It will be offered by a donor acceptable to the Board.
  • It will not begin a program that the Board would be unwilling to take over when the gift or grant funds are exhausted.
  • It will not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the school system.
  • It will place no restrictions on the school program.
  • It will not imply endorsement of any business or product.
  • It will not be from a vendor or potential vendor.
  • It will not be in conflict with any provision of the school policy or public law.
Reservation of Rights The District reserves the right to refuse to accept any gift that does not contribute toward the achievement of the goals of this District and the ownership of which would tend to adversely affect the District.
Prohibition of Gifts from Tobacco Industry
No one on behalf of the Tucson Unified School District may solicit or accept any contributions, gifts, or money from the tobacco industry (including tobacco companies and tobacco-related businesses) including but not limited to donations, monies for sponsorships/scholarships, advertising, loans or support for equipment, uniforms, and sports and/or training facilities.
District Property All gifts, grants, and bequests accepted by the District shall become the property of the District and subject to the policies of the District.

No gift, grant, or bequest may be returned without approval of the Superintendent, and all are subject to the same controls and regulations as are other property of the District.

All gifts shall be recorded in appropriate inventory listing(s) and property records.

Use of Gifts The Board will make every effort to honor the intent of the donor in its use of the gift but reserves the right to utilize any gift it accepts in the best interest of the educational program of the District.
School Websites Per Governing Board Policy DBC Budget Planning, Preparation and Schedules, not later than the 15th day of October, each District school shall post on its School website and annually report to the Governing Board an accounting of its unspent, unencumbered Gifts and Donations accounts, following the format described in Policy DBC.

Adopted:        October 2, 2012
Revised:        May 12, 2020
Revised:        January 11, 2022

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A.G.O. I80-156

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