Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff Members

Section G: Personnel

Policy Title: Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff Members
Policy Code: GBEBC

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Students, parents, and other patrons of the District shall be discouraged from the routine presentation of gifts to employees. This shall not be interpreted as intended to discourage acts of generosity in unusual situations, and simple remembrances expressive of affection or gratitude shall not be regarded as violations of this policy.

Gifts to students by staff members shall be discouraged. Simple remembrances on certain occasions to all students in a class or section shall not be regarded as a violation of this policy.


A school employee's position in the District shall not be used to influence parents or students to purchase books or other merchandise, except for materials approved by the Superintendent or designee for use in the classroom.

Staff-member solicitation(s) of other employees, students, and/or parents for any profit, nonprofit, or charitable groups, institutions, or organizations must have the approval of the Superintendent or designee in advance.

No other solicitations shall be made by or of employees during official duty time.

Adopted: October 12, 2004
Revision: September 27, 2011

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. 15-321