Commitments to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Section A: Foundation and Basic Commitments

Policy Title: Commitments to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
Policy Code: ACC

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As described in detail in other existing Governing Board Policies AACADF, and JB, the District has a fundamental policy against discrimination among individuals based on race, ethnicity, disability, religion/religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or national origin. These policies prevail in all matters concerning Governing Board, District employees, students, the public, educational programs and services, and individuals and businesses with whom the District interacts.

Beyond non-discrimination, it is the policy of the District actively to support integration, diversity, inclusion and equity for all students, staff, teachers, administrators, and the community. It is the policy of this District to create and foster a systemic educational environment that respects the cultural diversity and inherent cultural wealth of the various District communities and cultures that the District serves, and to ensure that all aspects of policies, regulations, practices, programs, and services promote understanding and value for that diversity. In furtherance of that overarching policy, the following more specific provisions are adopted as the policy and guiding principles of this District.


Because of the educational benefits of diversity in educational settings, consistent with state and federal law and Constitutional requirements, the District will maintain and promote diversity in student enrollment, both broadly across the District, and within each school. The District will promote diversity in its teaching, paraprofessional and administrative staff, both broadly across the District, and within each school, through its human resources practices and procedures.


The District will continue to use transportation as a tool to support equitable access to its diversity and academic achievement programs as appropriate.

Academic Achievement and Educational Opportunities

The District is committed to improving the academic achievement and educational opportunities of all students, regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status, and to reduce any disparities in access, participation and performance in academic achievement and educational opportunities, including, but not limited to, advanced learning opportunities and dual language programs, across all communities served by the District.


The District will administer discipline in a fair and equitable manner, without regard to race, ethnicity, or any other status. The District will work to reduce any disparities in the administration of discipline across all schools served by the District.

Family and Community Engagement

The District will promote family and community engagement in each school and in the District as a whole, as a means to improve the educational outcomes of students of all racial, ethnic and other groups.

Extracurricular Activities

The District will provide all students equitable access to, and encourage and facilitate participation in, extracurricular activities, including activities that provide opportunities for interracial contact in positive settings of shared interest, regardless of racial or ethnic background or any other status.

Facilities and Technology

The District will provide facilities and technology equitably to its students, regardless of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic or any other status. The District will work to integrate the use of teaching technology into its classrooms and curricula, on a fair and equitable basis across all schools and communities served by the District.


The District will collect, review, and analyze data relevant to each of the specific provisions of this policy. The District Superintendent will annually provide a written report to the Governing Board on the results of the District's programs and efforts to address diversity and equity and improve the academic performance and quality of education for students of all backgrounds. This report shall at a minimum address each of the specific provisions set forth in this policy.

Supervisory and management staff will work to take prompt and effective action in response to any violation of this policy regardless of the manner in which the District becomes aware of the conduct. Administrators or supervisors who fail to report a known or reported complaint of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, or otherwise fail to comply with the District's policies and regulations regarding discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, will be subject to appropriate discipline, pursuant to such policies.

Adopted: May 12, 2020

A.R.S. 41-1461 et seq.<
20 U.S.C. 1681, Education Amendments of 1972, Title IX
42 U.S.C. 2000, Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended, Titles VI and VII

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