Visitors to School Regulation

Section K: School/Community Relations

Regulation Title: Visitors to School
Regulation Code: KI-R

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Parent Visits

Parents are encouraged to visit the schools.

Visitors Report to Office

All visitors to any school must report to the school office upon arrival.

Visiting Classrooms

For those who wish to visit a classroom during the school day, it is preferred that the teacher and the principal be contacted in advance to arrange a day and time for such visit so as to avoid any conflicts with the school schedule.

Norms of Conduct

In visiting a classroom, parents must realize that the teacher's first responsibility is to the class as a whole, and the teacher will be unable to converse at any length with the visitor. If a conference is desired, arrangements will be made by the teacher for an appointment with the parent either before or after school hours.

Principal Permission

No person may enter onto school premises, including visits or audits to a classroom or other school activity, without approval by the principal. Neither will any person be allowed to conduct or attempt to conduct any activity on school premises that has not had prior approval by the principal.

Outside Service Providers

Except for services provided for a defined, limited duration and approved in the sole discretion of the principal, schools will not make facilities available for an outside service provider who has not been contracted by the District to provide services to students at school. For purposes of this regulation, "outside service provider" includes, but is not limited to, private tutors, evaluators, behavioral health counselors, clinical social workers, psychologists, or other mental or medical professionals, (whether licensed or not).

During the school day, a student with an Individual Education Program (IEP) receives disability related services from certified special education teachers, and/or other TUSD service providers, according to their IEP goals. For exceptional education students in areas outside of their IEP goals, and general education students, outside providers under contract with the district, holding a Memorandum of Understanding or an Inter-Governmental Agreement with TUSD may provide school-based services in collaboration with the school.

Parents may remove their children from school to receive outside services off campus. However, parents are encouraged to schedule such outside services at a time that does not conflict with the student's school day.

Consequences for Failure to Follow Board Policies

Anyone who is not a student or staff member of the District schools, and is in violation of any District Policy, may be asked to leave the property of the District. Failure to comply with the lawful directions of District officials or of District security officers or any other law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties, and failure to identify oneself to such officials or officers when lawfully requested to do so, will be against District regulations. Failure to obey such instructions may subject the person to criminal proceedings applicable under law.

Adopted: June 10, 2020 [SLT review]

Cross Ref: KI- Visitors to Schools