Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues

Section I: Instructional Program

Policy Title: Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues
Policy Code: IMB
Lead Department: Academic Leadership

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Democratic tradition often involves dealing with controversial issues. Critical thinking skills are essential for our students' development into participatory members of our community.

The teacher holds a position of authority and respect in the classroom and community and by virtue of that position may have great influence in the formation of the values of all students. All teachers must recognize that personal views are not a part of the instructional program and must be tempered by the responsibility to maintain professionalism.

Teaching critical thinking and communication skills utilizing controversial or sensitive subjects such as those involving political or religious points of view must be done in an objective and impartial manner. Students shall be instructed in:

  • Issue analysis
  • Formulation of opinions
  • Communication of opinions
  • Respectful disagreement

Such discussions shall always be aligned with the curriculum and age appropriate.

Adopted: July 24, 2007

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