Authorized Use of School Material and Equipment by Employees

Section E: Support Services

Policy Title: Authorized Use of School Material and Equipment by Employees
Policy Code: EDC

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To clearly state and achieve a procedure for the employees’ use of District resources and property. The District at considerable expense acquires and provides property including but not limited to tools, materials, specialized equipment, vehicles, and shops in order to support the District's mission and responsibilities. As stewards of the public trust, employees of the District are entrusted with the property and must ensure its use is for the core purpose of the mission and within the scope of their responsibilities.

Use of Facilities, Shops, Materials and Equipment

The use of District facilities, shops, materials and equipment is for official district business only. District employees may not use any facilities, shops, materials or equipment for the personal benefit or gain of the employee or any other person. Unless specifically allowed by policy, the use of district property or facilities for personal or private use is strictly prohibited.

Acceptable use of a vehicle is outlined below. Loan of equipment and furniture is outlined below.

Use of Vehicles:

The use of District vehicles is for official District business only. District vehicles shall be operated by District employees only when they are authorized by their position, are duly qualified/licensed to operate a vehicle and when approved by their supervisor. This applies to all general purpose and special purpose vehicles.

Employees are not authorized to take vehicle to non-District sites unless they are on official business. Employees, who as a normal course of their job responsibilities drive vehicles from site to site may visit restaurants and eating establishments during their scheduled lunch period as long as the location is within the established route of the driver's expected schedule and is a reasonable and prudent public location. Employees are not authorized to regularly take vehicles home unless approved by the Superintendent.

Loaning of Equipment:

Tucson Unified School District #1 will not loan furniture or equipment to non-District personnel or individuals or non-school agencies except in the event of a disaster or emergency.

School district employees who wish to use District furniture or equipment off school premises can do so if the following five conditions are met:

a. The use is only for the purpose of work on specific school/class related projects; or,
b. The use is only for the purpose of staff development; and
2.The project-related work or staff development cannot be done on site; and
3. The furniture and/or equipment is not removed from the site for more than two weeks except upon presentation of reasonable justification of longer use, e.g., winter holidays and summer vacation; and
4. Appropriate procedures are followed to check out the furniture or equipment.
5. Written administrator approval is required before loaning any equipment or furniture and a copy of that approval must be on file in Property Control before the loan is executed.

Adopted: August 16, 1960
Revision: December 18, 1962
Revision: February 16, 1971
Revision: November 10, 1987
Revision: September 9, 2008 (numeric to letter format only)
Revision: August 24, 2010
Reviewed: June 11, 2013

CROSS REF: EJA – Acceptable Use of Technology Resources; EJB – Digital Security (eliminated 12/11/12); EJC – Electronic MailEJG – Telephone Usage (desk phones, fax lines, cell phones, radios)