Acceptable Use of Technology Resources

Section E: Support Services

Policy Title: Acceptable Use of Technology Resources
Policy Code: EJA

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Technology, including but not limited to the Internet, electronic mail, hardware, software, and online resources, is a valuable tool that supports teaching and learning through access to resources and information, learning activities, interpersonal communication, research, training and collaboration and dissemination of successful educational practices, methods and materials. Information technologies such as the Internet are an extension of school libraries and other media/resource centers provided with a goal of promoting resource sharing, research innovation, communication and opportunity for collaborative work.

The Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Governing Board supports the use of technology by staff that is consistent with the goals of the district. Like other district resources, all technology must be used in a professional and ethical manner.

Use of technology resources demands personal responsibility and understanding of TUSD’s appropriate use agreement(s) outlining acceptable use procedures/practices. Staff member’s use of district technology is a privilege. General rules for behavior and communications apply when using technology. Improper use includes, but is not limited to, violating copyright or intellectual property rights, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and local, state and federal laws. Use of district technology must comply with GBEA – Staff EthicsGBEB – Staff Conduct, and GBEB-R – Staff Conduct Regulations.

All TUSD employees who use technology must sign and abide by the district’s Acceptable Use Agreement(s) indicating their knowledge of and agreement to terms and conditions of use of district technology resources (see EJC – Electronic MailEJA - R – Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Regulations and Exhibit). Failure to follow the acceptable use procedures will result in the loss of the privilege to use these tools and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Employees leaving the District shall discontinue use of District technology upon termination of employment.

Adopted: August 3, 2004
Reviewed: November 13, 2012

Future Cross Ref: EJC – Electronic MailGBEA –Staff EthicsGBEB – Staff Conduct, and GBEB-R –Staff Conduct Regulations.