Policy Code DDA

Funding Sources Outside the School System

Section D: Fiscal Management

Policy Title: Funding Sources Outside the School System
Policy Code: DDA

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The District may submit proposals to private foundations and other sources of financial aid for subsidizing such activities as innovative projects, feasibility studies, long-range planning, research and development, or other educational needs. The District may also accept gifts/donations from outside sources which are not current or potential vendors. The disposition of unused funds from these sources shall be in accordance with law.

The Governing Board may receive, hold, and dispose of any gift, grant, or bequest of property or equipment in accordance with state law and the intent of the instrument conferring title.

The Superintendent has the authority to approve all grants from the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and from the US Department of Education (DOE), regardless of the dollar amount.

The following approval limits apply to all grants, other than ADE and US DOE:

  • $50,000.00 or less Superintendent
  • Greater than $50,000.00 Governing Board Approval Required

The Governing Board will receive quarterly summary reports of all grants approved, including the amount of each grant.

Adopted: October 2, 2012

LEGAL REF: A.R.S. 15-341

CROSS REF: CBCA – Delegated Authority