Required Health Examinations

Section G: Personnel

Regulation Title: Required Health Examinations
Regulation Code: GBGC-R2

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TUSD shall seek to promote the safety of employees during working hours and assist them in the maintenance of good health through its overall safety program and various policies pertaining to school personnel. It encourages all employees to maintain good health and practice good health habits.

All employees shall be covered by workers' compensation insurance for any accident while on assignment, including an accident on school property or while on official business off school property. An employee must report any such accident to the supervisor's office immediately, reporting the time of the accident, persons involved and how it happened.

Bus driver's physical examinations

All bus drivers, including fulltime, regular part time and temporary part time drivers, shall be required to have a pre-employment physical examination including substance abuse testing. In addition, bus drivers shall be required to have a physical examination once every two years to obtain or renew an operator's permit. Throughout the year, bus drivers will be subject to random drug screening. Annual visual examinations shall be required.

Food Service requirements

Food Service employees shall conform to and meet all minimum rules and regulations of Pima County governing sanitation of restaurants. A valid food handler's card shall be required.

Pre-employment requirements

It shall be a condition of employment that, unless exempted, all employees, including substitutes shall present proof of immunity to rubella (measles) and immunity to rubella (German measles) prior to reporting to work.

Some positions in the District require lifting, back and hand strength or other specific essential functions to perform the job tasks. An essential function pre-employment physical shall be required to measure whether the individual can perform the essential functions with or without accommodations. The physical is required only following a job offer which shall be conditional on the pre-employment physical.

Health examinations

For the purpose of employment or retention employees may be required to submit to such tests or examinations as a licensed physician deems appropriate.

When in the opinion of the immediate supervisor and/or Superintendent, the employee's physical or emotional condition warrants, the District may require a complete examination, at District expense, by a licensed physician selected by Human Resources.

The District reserves the right to require physical or mental status examinations of any district employee:

  • When there is a need to determine whether an employee is able to perform the essential functions of his/her job.
  • As may be required to determine the necessity or feasibility of reasonable accommodations for a disability.
  • As may be necessary periodically to comply with fitness for duty or monitoring requirements imposed by law.
  • If there is reason to believe that an employee's health interferes with or is likely to interfere with the safety or health of students, the employee or other employees.

The request for such an examination shall be made in writing by the administrator in charge of the employee's department with specific reasons for the request. The request shall be sent to the Chief Human Resources Officer who may arrange for the examination. Any costs for consultative services shall be borne by the District.

Return to work

The District shall require any employee returning to work from any paid or unpaid leave of absence of 20 or more consecutive working days due to an employee's illness, injury or any other health reason submit a written medical certification that the employee is able to perform the essential functions of the employment positions, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Serious health condition

An employee who has a serious health condition may contact Human Resources to discuss leave options.


In all instances, District personnel shall respect the individual's right to privacy and shall treat any medical diagnosis as confidential information. Results of all physical and mental examinations shall be treated as confidential records by the District and shall be maintained separate from District personnel records.

Reviewed: August 3, 2012 [Friday Report]

Legal Ref: A.R.S. 15-505