Chemical Safety

Section E: Support Services

Regulation Title: Chemical Safety
Regulation Code: EB-R3

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Tucson Unified is committed to providing a safe environment that protects our Tucson Unified Community from exposure to any potentially hazardous substances used in schools and district facilities.  The District shall establish and maintain procedures for use and storage of hazardous chemicals including but not limited to science labs, classrooms, or District buildings and facilities.

The District shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations concerning hazardous chemicals.

It is the responsibility of all District employees to follow safety rules and procedures as posted on the Risk Management Safety Trainings and Guidelines webpage.  Failure to comply with this policy/regulation may subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Employees and supervisors should contact Risk Management if they believe additional training is necessary to enhance a business practice or to protect health and safety.  Any questions or concerns related to storage, disposal, or use of potentially hazardous chemicals, should be directed to the Risk Management Department.

Adopted: July 18, 2023


EB – Environmental and Safety Program
JHCC -: Communicable Disease - Student
JHD – Students with Chronic Health Conditions