GCB Employee Contracts and Compensation

GCB Employee Contracts and Compensation

Section G: Personnel

Policy Title: Employee Contracts and Compensation
Policy Code: GCB

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Every fiscal year, each Tucson Unified employee will be provided a total compensation statement that is broken down by category of benefit or payment and that includes, for that employee, at least all of the following:
  1. Base salary and any additional pay.
  2. Medical benefits and the value of any employer-paid portions of insurance plan premiums.
  3. Retirement benefit plans, including social security.
  4. Legally required benefits.
  5. Any paid leave.
  6. Any other payment made to or on behalf of the employee.
  7. Any other benefit provided to the employee.
ADOPTED: January 25, 2022

A.R.S. §15-341 – Governing Board General Powers & Duties