Authorized Signatures

Section D: Fiscal Management

Policy Title: Authorized Signatures
Policy Code: DGA

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Intergovernmental Agreements and Contracts
All intergovernmental agreements and any amendments to them, must be approved by the Governing Board. Contracts that require the creation of a new staff position or are for purchase of goods or services in excess of the thresholds established in Governing Board Policy DJE and Regulation DJE-R must also be approved by the Governing Board. A contract or intergovernmental agreement that requires approval of the Governing Board may be signed on behalf of the District only by the Governing Board President or Clerk, or by the Superintendent or Chief Financial Officer.

A contract (which includes, but is not limited to, a letter or memorandum of agreement or understanding, participation agreement, or affiliation agreement, separation agreement, settlement agreement) or other legal document that does not require approval of the Governing Board may be signed on behalf of the District only by:
• the Superintendent;
• an Assistant Superintendent;
• the Chief Financial Officer;
• the Chief Operations Officer;
• the Chief Human Capital Officer;
• the General Counsel; or
• an administrator who has specific budgetary authority for any expenditure of funds required by the contract or, if the contract does not involve any expenditure, who has supervisory authority over the staff and/or resources required to implement the contract

Where such a document is related to procurement, the document may be signed on behalf of the District only as authorized by the Superintendent in Regulation DJE-R.

Two Signatures
On accounts required by statute to have two (2) signatures, the signatories shall be as specified by the statutes.

Electronic Signatures
The Superintendent may establish a regulation to this policy authorizing employees to use unique electronic signatures for the purpose of signing their names to electronic records and establishing security and training requirements around the use of such electronic signatures.

ADOPTED: June 4, 2024


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15-1122. Student activities treasurer; assistant student activities treasurer; administration of student activities monies
15-1126. Accounting; deposit; disposition of monies
44-7001 et. seq.