Regulation Code FCB-R

Closing Schools

Section F: Facility Planning and Development

Regulation Title: Closing Schools
Regulation Code: FCB-R
Lead Department: Superintendent's Office

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When a school closure may become necessary, the Superintendent shall create a public process to study the school and the factors which may cause a recommendation for school closure to be made.

Factors or criteria which may lead to a recommendation for closure include school size, school location, operational costs, condition of building and grounds, average daily attendance, enrollment projections, safety issues, educational program development potential, proximity to other schools, reuse potential, prior changes in attendance area, and future potential changes in attendance area.

The Superintendent shall submit the plan for the public process to the Governing Board for review. The plan should include the timeline for the process, the participant groups, and the activities in the process. The public process should produce a timely recommendation about school closure after a thorough, systematic study of all factors which affect the continued life of the school.

Adopted: August 3, 1993
Revision: June 23, 2006 (Friday Report -- reformat)

Replaces TUSD Regulation # 3020 School Closures