Policy Code FFC

School Marquee Signs

Section F: Facility Planning and Development

Policy Title: School Marquee Signs
Policy Code: FFC
Lead Department: Planning and Engineering

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School marquee signs enhance school identity, school spirit, and school communication with the community. Such signs may include the school name, school mascot or logo, school colors, and space for regularly changing messages to the public.

School marquee signs are authorized through the approval of the Superintendent or designee. Such signs must meet all local zoning ordinances and sign codes, and comply with this policy's Administrative Regulations.

When a school marquee sign is a gift, the sign may contain an appropriately sized notice which states the sign was donated by a person or business, and may include the name and logo of the person or business.

All future changes to existing school marquee signs, and all future school marquee signs shall comply with this policy.

Adopted: April 20, 1993
Revision: May 18, 2006 (from Policy 3745 to FFC)
Reviewed: April 8, 2013

Replaces TUSD Policy # 3745 School Marquee Signs