Policy Code FF

Naming Facilities and Parts of Facilities

Section F: Facility Planning and Development

Policy Title: Naming Facilities and Parts of Facilities
Policy Code: FF

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In naming or renaming facilities, the District will consider names derived from significant geographic locations, historical events, or events of community significance, as well as worthy individuals who have made unique contributions to the District.

In this policy, the word facility refers to any new or existing building, administration building, gymnasium, stadium, athletic field, playground, or a part of a building or site.

The Governing Board has final authority to approve naming facilities and parts of facilities.

When a school or facility is sold or closed, the Governing Board reserves the right to retire the name, and reserves the right to preserve the name for future buildings.

Adopted: August 17, 1993
Revision: April 10, 2001
Revision: May 18, 2006 (from Policy #3741 to FF)
Revision: March 22, 2011
Reviewed: June 24, 2013