Policy Code FCB

Closing Schools

Section F: Facility Planning and Development

Policy Title: Closing Schools
Policy Code: FCB
Lead Department: Superintendent's Office

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School closures become necessary because of many factors. School size and location, operational costs, condition of building and grounds, average daily attendance, enrollment projections, safety, educational program development potential, proximity to other schools, reuse potential, and prior changes of attendance area are some factors which may designate a school as a candidate for closure.

Whenever a school closure may occur, the Superintendent shall follow the process outlined in the Administrative Regulation of this Governing Board Policy. School closure will result from a thorough, systematic study of all factors which affect the continued life of a school. Students, parents, community members and staff shall have an opportunity to comment on any proposed school closure.

The exemplary contribution of a school facility to student instruction, parent involvement, and community life will be evaluated within the total instructional needs of all District students.

In the case of a school closure, a plaque which contains the school name and dates of use, shall be prepared and retained on public display to preserve the historical significance of the site.

Adopted: August 3, 1993
Revised: May 18, 2006 [from Policy #3020 to FCB]
Revised: May 17, 2011 [corrected Legal Reference Only]
Reviewed: April 16, 2013

LEGAL REF: A.R.S. 15-34138-431.01

CROSS REF: JC - School Attendance Areas