Student Fees, Fines and Charges Regulation 2

Section J - Students

Regulation Title: Student Fees, Fines and Charges
Regulation Code: JQ-R2

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Areas where fees may be charged include, but may not be limited to:

  • Optional extracurricular activities which are defined as any optional, noncredit, educational or recreational activity that supplements the education program of the school, whether offered before, during, or after regular school hours.
  • Optional programs conducted when school is not in session.
  • Fine arts courses (high school only).
  • Vocational education courses (high school only).
  • Other courses, fees for optional services, equipment, and materials offered to the students beyond those required to successfully complete the basic requirements of the course (high school only).

Pursuant to A.R.S. §15-342, a school district may charge fees for the activities described above if:

  • The fees are reasonable.
  • The fees do not exceed the actual costs of the activities, programs, services, equipment, or materials.
  • A notice of the proposed fees is given to all parents of students enrolled at schools in the District before the Governing Board acts to adopt fees.
  • The fees are then adopted by the Governing Board.
  • The Governing Board includes in its action a grant of authority to the principals to waive the assessment of all or a part of any fee if it creates an economic hardship for a specific student.
  • No fees are charged for students' access to or use of computers or related materials.

Schools may impose the following sanctions against students for non-payment of fees, charges and tuition:

  • Denial of participation in commencement ceremony;
  • Denial of right to obtain a yearbook;
  • Denial of participation in extracurricular activities;
  • Denial of registration in elective courses (if courses or hours are not required for graduation);
  • Suit against the parents or guardians.

Schools may impose other sanctions which do not interfere with a resident student's right to attend a common school. Schools may not withhold grade cards and transcripts as a sanction for non-payment of fees.

Reviewed: November 4, 2011 [Friday Report]