Student Fund-Raising Activities Regulation

Section J - Students

Regulation Title: Fundraising
Regulation Code: JJE-R

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Administrative Oversight of Fundraising

  1. Initial Approval – All requests and plans for student participation in school fundraising must receive prior review of the Principal to guarantee adequate supervision of students is provided, and that all factors affecting student safety have been identified and assessed. Final approval of student participation in fundraising and planned student safety considerations is provided by the Principal.
  2. Collaboration with Non-Student Organization – Students and non-student organizations may request to participate in joint projects with the proceeds being allocated proportionately between the parties based upon the proportion of effort devoted by each participating party. The determination of whether students or a student organization will participate in a project with a non-student organization shall be made by the school Principal. The school's Site Council shall determine what proportion of the total project will consist of student efforts. Thus, of the total funds raised by a joint project, those funds attributable to the efforts of the students, as determined by the Site Council, are student activities funds.
  3. Advertising – All advertising, notices, and communications for fundraising which are distributed at schools, departments or sites require prior approval of the Principal or supervising administrator.
  4. Use of District Mail and Electronic Communication – All use of District mail, mail boxes, and electronic communication for fundraising at schools, departments, or sites require prior approval of the Principal or supervising administrator.
  5. District-wide Fundraising – All fundraising other than fundraising for one particular school in the District must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools, or designee.
  6. Non-staff/student fundraising to benefit a school or program – Persons or groups of persons who publicly raise funds for the stated purpose to benefit a District school, or activity at a District school, must receive prior approval of the Principal.
  7. Participants – Participants in fundraising are subject to all applicable Governing Board Policies and Regulations which govern conduct of District personnel, students, and community members, and the operations of the District.
  8. Any issue, matter, or contingency of fundraising in the District which is not specifically addressed in this regulation is subject to the review, and prior approval, of the Superintendent or designee.

Student Participation in Fundraising

Student participation in school fundraising activities shall be supervised and monitored by school staff members designated by the Principal.

Student instructional time may not be used for fundraising.

Students shall not solicit merchandise from merchants for fundraising activities, engage in door-to-door solicitation, or, appear in shows staged for fundraising purposes unless all rehearsals are conducted outside of school time.

Student Activities Monies

All monies raised by the efforts of students in pursuance of, or in connection with, all activities of student organizations, clubs, school plays or other student entertainment are student activities monies.

Monies contributed to the student activity fund of a particular school, regardless of source, are subject to control and audit by the District.

Any disbursement shall be authorized by, and on behalf of, the student members of the particular club or organization as set forth in the Student Activities (Clubs) Manual.

Use of District Time

District employees may not use District paid duty time during their normal workday for fundraising.


Raffles, lotteries and games of chance are considered forms of gambling; therefore, such activities are not permitted as a fundraising activity. Tickets for raffles or door prizes cannot be sold. No raffles, lotteries, or games of chance may occur on District property.

Non-Competitive Activities

Schools shall not engage in activities which are competitive with the school site food services. The regulations for the sale of food and/or beverages on District property are presented in Appendix A of this regulation.

Coin-Operated Machines

Vending machine revenue and pay telephone revenue are not considered fundraising opportunities for students. The proceeds of such vending machines and pay phones are considered Auxiliary Operations Fund and are managed through the District's Student Finance Office

Adopted: November 9, 2012 [Friday Report]
Revised: November 10, 2015
Revised: August 26, 2020

Legal Ref: Arizona Revised Statute §15-1121-1123



Student fundraising using food and/or beverages will not occur during the lunch meal periods. Club-based programs, which may be granted education credit, are not excluded from the requirements of this policy.

Fundraising activities utilizing food and/or beverages may occur prior to the start of school during the breakfast period but should not occur in or near the cafeteria and must comply with the requirements of Governing Board Policy IHAM and its accompanying regulation and exhibit.

Fundraising activities utilizing food and/or beverages must comply with all Pima County Health Department Code and temporary licensing requirements. District Food Service Department food establishment operating licenses do not apply to student or adult group fundraising unless the food purchase, storage, handling and service is overseen by a Food Service Department employee with the appropriate food handler's license.

Fundraising activities should not be intended to replace the breakfast or lunch meal, or the a la carte food sales service, for students during the school year or during summer school.

Tucson, Arizona
Reviewed by Governing Board: October 10, 2000