Student Withdrawal from School/Dropouts Regulation

Section J - Students

Regulation Title: Student Withdrawal from School/Dropouts
Regulation Code: JFC-R
Lead Department: Teaching and Learning

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Withdrawal from School
A student withdrawing from school prior to the end of a grading period and/or course term will receive a grade for work completed to date, but credit will be based on:

  • Demonstrated competency in the specified State Standards.
  • Completed required class work.
  • Completion of the final exam/assessment with a passing score.

The teacher will provide every opportunity for a student to make-up class work; assessments and final exam to demonstrate competency in the course State Standards.

Withdrawal by Administrative Action
A student may be removed from a class at any time by administrative action following appropriate due process. The grades and credit will be determined on the basis of the quantity and quality of work completed at the time of withdrawal. The student may complete the course work in an alternative setting.

Reviewed: July 27, 2007 (Friday Report)

Replaces TUSD Regulation # 5040 - Withdrawal from Classes; # 6355 Withdrawal Information on Dropouts