Use of Technology Resources in Instruction Regulation 2

Section I: Instructional Program

Regulation Title: Use of Technology Resources in Instruction
Regulation Code: IJNDB-R2
Lead Department: Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Integration

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The One-to-One Laptop Initiative provides students with a tool to expand their learning opportunities. It opens limitless possibilities; users may go virtually anywhere and interact with anyone. With such opportunity comes responsibility. Students are responsible for their behavior on the network and all materials they access in a classroom, in any other locations within the school grounds and at home. All students must comply with all District policies and regulations. This Acceptable Use Policy will outline the responsibilities of students and provide direction for the use of the laptop. Consequences for inappropriate actions are determined by Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Internet: At home, parents are responsible for monitoring Internet use.

Laptops: Students are not permitted to permanently mark laptops or carrying cases owned by TUSD. All laptops and laptop cases are identified with student nametags. Students may take their laptops home at any time, but must always have them available during the school day. Students are not permitted to change default settings, install downloads, or alter their computer in any way. Students are responsible for all lost items, such as the laptop, the laptop carrying case and power cords.

Problems: All computer problems, whether hardware, software, or network related, must be reported to the site network technician/technology liaison as soon as possible. Students are expected to have a working laptop in school every day.

Remote Access: When not at school, students may use their family's Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the Internet from their laptops. TUSD will not offer any type of technical support in order to get computers connected to the Internet at home. Users will not alter the configuration of any computer. Furthermore, connection to the Internet at home will only be through cable, wireless or other high-speed connections.

Security: Students must avoid leaving laptops in situations that increase the risk of theft or damage. Laptops should not be left unattended or be left in extreme heat or cold while in cars.

Software: Students may not install any software on their laptop.

Reviewed: October 13, 2006 (Friday Report)