Student Physical Activity

Section I: Instructional Program

Regulation Title: Student Physical Activity
Regulation Code: IHAM-R2

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Physical Activity Goals

The primary goal for the District's physical activity component is to provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, maintain physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity, and understand the short- and long-term benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

A comprehensive physical activity program encompasses a variety of opportunities for students to be physically active, including physical education, recess, walk-to-school programs, after-school physical activity programs, health education that includes physical activity as a main component, and physical activity breaks within regular classrooms.

Physical education (high school graduation requirements):

Students must, at the least, satisfy the state and District's physical education credit requirement.

Physical activity (time, frequency, and/or intensity):

Schools will ensure that students are moderately to vigorously active at least fifty percent (50%) of the time while participating in physical education classes.

Physical activity/Recess:

Schools may offer after-school intramural programs and/or physical activity clubs that meet the needs and interests of all students, including those who are not athletically involved or those with special health care needs.

"Recess" means time during the regular school day during which a student is able to engage in physical activity or social interaction with other pupils.  A "Structured Activity" is an activity that is planned and intentionally directed by a supervising adult (e.g. kickball, follow the leader, musical chairs, gardening, etc.).

Recess shall be required and provided as follows:

A. Two (2) recess periods during the school day for pupils in kindergarten (K) and grades one (1) through five (5).
 i. Recess periods must be 10 minutes or greater for a minimum of 100 minutes each week
 ii. A minimum of 60 minutes per week must include structured activity
B. Participation in a physical education course during a school day may count as one of the day's recess periods and towards the structured activity requirement.
C. Extension of the school day is not required to meet the recess requirement.
D. This recess requirement does not apply to middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, Arizona online instruction or schools in which the lowest grade of instruction offered is grade five (5).

Adopted: August 9, 2018 [SLT Review]

Legal Ref: A.R.S. 15-118 Recess Requirements