Administrators Contracts Regulation

Section G: Personnel

Regulation Title: Administrator Contracts
Regulation Code: GCBB-R
Lead Department: Human Resources

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A multi-year contract may be issued to a principal when the principal of a school has attained the following benchmarks and/or has consistently demonstrated any of the following by the superintendent's assessment:

  • A principal has achieved the highest state rating for a school and the principal's leadership can directly be tied to the school's achievement or evaluated as a principal in the highest category and held said rating(s) for 2 years or more. The Principal may be issued a multi-year contract even if the principal transfers to another site before the rating is released.
  • A Principal who agrees to transfer to an underperforming school from a highly performing school as defined under state labels.
  • A Principal who is successful in meeting the implementation of a turnaround model and agrees to transfer to a school implementing said models.
  • A principal whose school has closed the achievement gap in subpopulations such as African American, Hispanic, Ex. Ed., Asian and or Native American. Every subgroup of (10) has made adequate progress in comparison with the majority of the student population at the school.

Any principal who accepts a 2 year contract and does not fulfill the entire term will be subject to liquidated damages not to exceed $10,000, except in cases of serious injury or illness suffered by the principal, spouse/partner, children or the employee's parents.

Review: August 14, 2015 (Friday Report)

Legal Ref: A.R.S. §15-503(B)