School Bus Advertising

Section E: Support Services

Regulation Title: School Bus Advertising
Regulation Code: EEAFB-R

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Tucson Unified School District will hire a company to coordinate and operate the marketing/advertising program for school buses. The company will be chosen through a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process.

Advertising Activity Restrictions
The following restrictions will be in place when seeking advertisers. The advertising activities will not:

  • Promote hostility, disorder or violence.
  • Attack ethnic, racial or religious groups.
  • Discriminate, demean, harass or ridicule any person or group of persons on the basis of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.
  • Be slanderous.
  • Inhibit the functioning of the school and/or school district.
  • Override the school/school district identity.
  • Promote a charter school or private school.
  • Promote, favor or oppose the candidacy of any candidate for election, adoption of any bond/budget issues or any public question submitted at any general, county, municipal or school election.
  • Be obscene or pornographic as defined by prevailing community standards.
  • Promote the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or certain products that create community concerns.
  • Promote any religious or political organization.
  • Use any District or school logo without prior approval.

The inclusion of advertisements on school district buses does not constitute approval and/or endorsement of any product, service, organization or activity. Approved advertising will not imply or declare such approval or endorsement.

Bus Advertising Signage
Advertising may appear only on the sides of the bus in the following areas:
The signs shall:

  • be below the seat level rub rail and not extend above the bottom of the side windows.
  • be at least three inches from any required lettering, lamp, wheel well or reflector behind the service door or stop signal arm.
  • not extend from the body of the bus so as to allow a handhold or present a danger to pedestrians.
  • not interfere with the operation of any door or window.
  • the signs shall not be placed on any emergency doors.

School Bus Advertisement Fund
Any revenues realized from the sale of advertising space on school buses shall be used for any of the purposes authorized under ARS 342(27)(c).

Adopted: September 23, 2005 (Friday Report)
Revision: October 5, 2009
Reviewed: October 9, 2009 (Friday Report)