Energy Conservation Practices - Temperature Controls

Section E: Support Services

Regulation Title: Energy Conservation Practices - Temperature Controls
Regulation Code: ECA-R

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The Key Control Program is in place to protect the well-being of building occupants as well as the District's property and assets.

I. General Guidelines
A. When needed to conduct District business, a district employee will be issued a key from the Key Control office with proper authorization. Control access cards fall under the same guidelines as mechanical keys. (See Key Terms and Authorization [in PDF]).
B. Project Managers will notify Key Control in advance when they have scheduled work through an outside contractor. This will allow Key Control ample time to prepare requested keys.
i. Contractors will present an authorized key slip at Key Control for temporary issuance of District keys.
ii. Contractors will sign an agreement they are liable up to $15,000.00 for rekeying of building for lost master keys.
iii. Project Managers will not sign off for the release of final payment until Key Control verifies all keys were returned.
C. All keys issued are property of the District and must be returned to Key Control if:.
i. Employee changes classroom.
ii. Employee transfers to another department or site.
iii. Requested by an appropriate supervisor or administrator. If an administrator or supervisor remove keys from employee's possession (Such as a GB LOA or an Administrative Assignment to Home) they will provide a receipt listing each key number as verification of the keys taken from employee.
iv. Employee is granted a leave of absence for a period of 30 or more calendar days.
v. Employee is terminated, retires, or resigns in these instances Human Resources and Payroll will require clearance from Key Control indicating all keys have been returned and the employee's account is clear prior to completing separation actions for issuing final paycheck.
D. No key or control access card is to be transferred from one individual to another, or to be obtained by any source other than through Key Control. Individual with signed key slip or control access form on file in Key Control is responsible for that key or card until it is returned and key slip signed off.
E. No District keys may be duplicated.
F. Key Control is responsible for issuance and control of keys and control access cards.
G. Operations Lock Shop is responsible for making keys and maintenance of the lock and key system.

II. Key Terms and Authorization

Certain keys will allow greater access to buildings than others. ECA- E1 (in PDF) lists the different types of keys and the level of authority required to approve the issuance of each key.

III. Procedure-Issue and responsibility

A Key Authorization Slip, TUSD Form 617, must be completed by the site and signed by appropriate administrator.

Key Control should be called for availability of all keys before individual pickup. Keys are not kept in inventory and may have to be ordered.

Key slip must be presented to the Key Control Office located at 606 S Plumer, inside the School Safety building. Only keys listed on the authorized key slip will be issued. Identification will be required for key pickup.

The individual who has been issued a key is responsible for that key and its return to Key Control at end of use. Keys are not to be turned in to site administration, except as defined in section C-3.

IV. Key Replacement

Stolen keys must be reported to immediate supervisor, School Safety and the Police Department immediately. TUSD Incident Notification Form and a School/Site Theft and Property Damage Report with a police case number must be completed and be received at School Safety and Risk Management before a replacement key will be issued.

Lost keys should be reported to immediate supervisor and School Safety. School Safety will send a report of lost keys to Key Control.

Lost or stolen keys will require a key slip authorized by administration requesting replacement. Lost or stolen control access cards require a new form to be submitted for a replacement card. A fee will be charged for a replacement control access card and for each key lost:

Grand Master Key $250.00
Building Master Key $100.00
Area Master Key $75.00
Exterior Door Key $75.00
Change/Room Key $25.00
Padlock & Miscellaneous $10.00
Card key $25.00

If lost a second time, a key slip must be authorized by the Area Assistant Superintendent or Central Administration Department Head.

If lost a third time, a key slip must be authorized by the Superintendent.

Broken keys will be replaced at no charge, but the broken or damaged key must be turned in to Key Control to receive a replacement. Partial keys will be treated as lost/stolen. Broken control access cards will be replaced at no charge; the broken card must be returned and a new form submitted requesting a replacement card.

V. Key Audits

Key audits will be conducted on a routine basis by Key Control in conjunction with School Safety Officers.

This will also verify accuracy of records and account for all keys.

Anyone found in possession of keys not issued to them will have the key confiscated immediately.

Key audits may be ordered by appropriate District officials at other times should the security of an area become compromised.

Possession and/or use of an unauthorized key is a class 3 misdemeanor (A.R.S. 13-3715) and will be dealt with as a criminal offense.

VI. Restricted Areas

Restricted access lock systems may be warranted to obtain a higher degree of security for certain high risk areas, such as Finance, Board Offices, computer rooms, supply rooms, flammable liquids, drugs or food storage, and areas where confidential materials are kept. Key requests of this nature will be reviewed and verified by Key Control.

Justification for restricted access will be reviewed at Assistant Superintendent level or above prior to installation.

Replaces Administrative Regulation 3330
Reviewed: May 30, 2014 (Friday Report)