Reporting of Hazards/Warning Systems - Pesticide/Herbicide Regulation

Section E: Support Services

Regulation Title: Reporting of Hazards/Warning Systems - Pesticide/Herbicide Regulation
Regulation Code: EBAA-R
Lead Department: Facilities

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Students and/or staff will be notified at least 48 hours in advance via announcements made through the public address system. Such notification will include the date and time as well as the general area(s) scheduled for pesticide/herbicide treatment. Oral notification is required only during regular school session.

Written notice will be given to parents/legal guardians of students at least 48 hours in advance of all pesticide/herbicide application. This notification will include the date, time and general area(s) scheduled for treatment along with the brand name of the pesticide(s)/herbicide(s) to be used. Written notice can be provided in newsletters or any other written announcement that is customarily sent home with students. In addition, schools may create and offer supplemental arrangements for telephonic notification in the event parents/legal guardians request such information in order to accommodate students with chronic illness or other special needs.

All pesticide/herbicide treated areas on school property will be conspicuously posted with notice signs 48 hours prior to, and immediately after, application occurs. In the case of outdoor application, notice signs will be posted at the treated area(s) as well as at the main juncture used most frequently by occupants to access school property. For indoor application, notice signs will be posted on the primary entry door(s) of the school. School personnel may remove the notice signs 48 hours following application. Sign design, required information and notice sign posting logistics will conform to guidelines issued by the Arizona State Board of Education. Posting notice signs may be used in lieu of oral and written notification when pesticide/herbicide application is to occur during vacation or other extended periods outside of regular school session.

Certified applicators will be required pursuant to ARS §3-3606, Pesticide applications at schools and child care facilities; advance notifications; exemptions, to file pesticide/herbicide labels, material safety data sheets, and written pre-application notifications with the schools. This information will be maintained on site and made available to parents/legal guardians and staff upon request.

When emergency application is necessary, the site will be notified of the area(s) to be treated, along with the date and time scheduled when feasible. Notification through notice signs that an application has occurred will be posted for 48 hours subsequent to treatment.

Students who are absent due to pesticide/herbicide use at school will be afforded opportunity to make up missed lessons, and sufficient time to complete these assignments at home. In case of extended absence, the appropriate school staff, under the direction of the principal, shall confer with the parents/legal guardians to determine suitable steps for ensuring the student's continuing educational and instructional opportunities. Under these circumstances, student absenteeism will be considered excused and handled in a non-discriminatory manner.

Adopted: December 19, 1995
Revision: June 23, 2006 (Friday Report)

Legal Ref:
ARS §3-3606 Pesticide applications at schools and child care facilities; advance notification; exemptions
ARS §15-152 Pest management at schools; notice
ARS §15-346 Policies and procedures concerning pupils with chronic health problems; definition

Cross Ref: 
Replaces TUSD Regulation #3810 Pesticide/Herbicide application notification