Fire Code Compliance

Section E: Support Services

Regulation Title: Fire Code Compliance
Regulation Code: EB-R

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The District is committed to compliance with all fire code regulations to ensure employee and student safety.

The Operations Department will conduct periodic inspections of fire safety mechanical equipment and provide any necessary maintenance/repair.

The Risk Management department will conduct periodic inspections of sites and provide a written report of any violations to the Department Manager/Principal and the applicable Assistant Superintendent. Department Managers/Principals are responsible for correcting any violation immediately and for ensuring continued compliance with these safety requirements.

Listed below are common areas in which violations may be found:

CORRIDOR DOORS – Corridor doors must be automatic / self closing and not propped open in any way.

EXITS AND HALLWAYS – Exits and hallways must be kept unobstructed at all times. Furnishings or other objects must not be placed in hallways or exits.

EXTENSION CORDS – Extension cords must not be used in place of permanent wiring.

POWER STRIPS – Power strips are required to be directly connected to a permanently installed receptacle, not into other power strips.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS – Fire extinguishers must be unobstructed and should be hung on wall.

FIRE ALARM PULL STATIONS – Fire alarm pull stations must be unobstructed.

COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDERS – Compressed gas cylinders (such as helium or CO2 tanks in science labs) must be secured upright to prevent being knocked over. Also, cylinders that are not in service or connected must be capped.

FUELED EQUIPMENT – Any equipment that uses fuel including lawn care equipment must not be stored, repaired or operated within a school building.

EQUIPMENT ROOMS – Combustible material (boxes of files) must not be stored in mechanical rooms, boiler rooms or electrical rooms.

ELECTRICAL PANELS – Electrical panels must be secured closed and must have a 3 foot minimum clearance in front of all electrical panels, and 1 foot to each side.

CEILINGS - Nothing is allowed to hang from ceilings, ceiling beams, or hanging across rooms.

CEILING TILES – Ceiling tiles that are missing or have holes in them pose a severe fire hazard as it is a break in the ceiling fire retardant, these must be replaced.

ART WORK/TEACHING AIDS – must not cover more than 20% of a given wall area.

WASTE (MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS) – Combustible waste material (boxes of papers, wood scraps, science chemicals no longer being used) must not accumulate in buildings.

Reviewed: February 3, 2012 [Friday Report]

Legal Ref: A.R.S. §41-2161 Arizona Administrative Code, Title 4, Chapters 34,36 (Incorporating by reference the International Fire Code)