Leadership Principles Regulation

Section C: General School Administration

Regulation Title: Leadership Principles
Regulation Code: CF-R

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As role models, all Administrators/Managers/Supervisors/Lead Staff shall demonstrate the following:

  • A commitment to student achievement, safety and welfare.
  • Respect for all people.
  • Treatment of each employee as an individual.
  • Coaching of employees to focus on job tasks and behaviors.
  • A clear vision that inspires the team.
  • Spirit and energy that individuals want to follow.
  • Clearly articulated ideas, values, and philosophy.
  • Behaviors as described in values and philosophy.
  • Assistance in developing others for greater or additional responsibilities.
  • Continuously guiding and motivating staff.
  • Listening to others regarding their viewpoints.
  • Communicating proactively.
  • Coaching and disciplining with respect.
  • Praising, rewarding, and cheering others on based on achievements and accomplishments.
  • Management of financial and capital resources responsibly and effectively.
  • Maintenance of a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.
  • Time management of the work team in order to incorporate work/life balance.
  • Assisting employees in seeing the full scope of their job.

Adopted: October 5, 2004
Revised: December 17, 2004
Reviewed: July 15, 2011 [Friday Report]
Revised: July 1, 2016 [Friday Report]