Treatment of Confidential Information Regulation

Section C: General School Administration

Regulation Title: Treatment of Confidential Information
Regulation Code: CCD-R
Lead Department: Superintendent's Office

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Tucson Unified School District acquires information about employees and students in order to perform its mission, and TUSD has been entrusted to maintain confidentiality. Employees have an obligation to TUSD to respect the privacy of individuals and the legal obligations of their positions to uphold confidence and not disclose any information which would be harmful to the owner or to the District.


  • Confidential information, materials, and records include but are not limited to:
    • Payroll records including deduction, garnishments and withholdings
    • Benefits information
    • Information gained, shared, or discussed throughout the hiring and interview process
    • Employee personal information (address, home or personal cell phone #, age, social security number, etc)
    • Medical information including information related to leaves of absence.
    • Personnel records including evaluation reports
    • Computer system passwords and security codes
    • Information relating to the content and analysis of any competitive Request for Proposal prior to award of contract.
    • District planning information not yet presented to the Board
    • Litigation or other formal charges pending or in process
    • Investigation of complaints pending or in process
    • Student records
    • Student identifiable information, e.g. student discipline, IEP, student welfare reports, health issues, free and reduced-price meal benefit eligibility, test scores.
    • Executive Session information and minutes
  • Information regarding an employee's salary, length of service, jobs held at TUSD may be public information.
    • Requesting public information on employees -- only Public Relations department may respond.
    • Verification of employment and reference checks -- only Human Resources may respond.
  • Without the expressed written consent of a parent or guardian of a student, TUSD will only make reference to, or release, electronic or published information that concerns directory information or other materials intended for public distribution.
  • Without the expressed written consent of an employee TUSD will not share confidential information with bargaining unit representatives.
  • Free and reduced-price meal benefit eligibility information is only released by the Director of Food Services or his/her designee.
  • Student Health information is only released by the Director of Health Services or his/her designee.
  • Administrators, staff supervisors, and other responsible District officials are expected to identify confidential information and materials, and are to instruct their employees in the handling of such information and materials.
  • Confidential information should be kept safe and secure.
    • Paper records should be kept in secured cabinets
    • Computerized records should have limited user access. Computer monitors should be positioned so that only authorized users can view the data. Authorized users are responsible for securing their computers when they are left unattended.
  • Employees who are hired into positions that require the handling of confidential information are required to keep such information safeguarded and not to disclose it, except as permitted or required in the course of their job duties.
  • Employees who are hired into positions that require adherence to government-mandated compliance [e.g., Medicare Compliance, FERPA, grant and contract administration, blood-borne pathogens] and the handling of confidential information will be subject to strict procedures for handling such materials and will attend all mandated training sessions.


News media (radio, television, newspapers) Public Relations Department
Attorneys Legal Department
Vendors Purchasing Department
Law Enforcement including School Resource Officer (SRO's) Student -- Site Administrators
Employee -- Administrator of his/her department
Credit bureaus, lending agencies Human Resources
Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Human Resources
Subpoenas Student records -- Student Records Office
All others -- Legal Department
Student Record Information from:
  • Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)
  • Arizona Department of Child Protective Services (CPS)
Student Records Office
Employee Information from:
  • FBI
  • Social Security Administration
  • Arizona Department of Employment Services (DES)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
  • Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
Legal Department

What to avoid

  • Don't talk about sensitive information with friends and family, or when you can be overheard in public places, such as elevators or restaurants.
  • Disclosing confidential information to anyone outside or inside TUSD who does not have a need to know the information.
  • Divulging personal or hear say information about a student or employee.
  • Receiving confidential information from an employee and passing the information on to others.
  • Using third party confidential information that has been obtained illegally or unethically.
  • Sharing confidential information on your email or website. Publishing confidential information on a website or sending email information will cause this confidential information to become public.

Volunteers (adults or students) may never have access to any confidential information and may never be placed in a position to easily access the information.

Reviewed: June 3, 2005 (To Board in Friday Report)