Administration of Student and Staff Surveys Regulation

Section L: Education Agency Relations

Regulation Title: Administration of Student and Staff Surveys
Regulation Code: LCA-R
Lead Department: Office of Curriculum and Instruction

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The Tucson Unified School District recognizes the importance of the link between research and education. It, therefore, supports research within the district, and endeavors to facilitate research requests from outside agencies.


Requests for Permission to Conduct Research
Individual and entitites who wish to conduct research must make formal application to the Assessment & Evaluation Department.

  • Submit TUSD's application for Request to Conduct Research [In PDF]).
  • The following information must accompany the application as noted:
    • Test/survey instrument(s) to be used in the study;
    • A letter/consent form to parents requesting permission to conduct research in the classroom according to the instructions listed in this regulation.
    • A letter/consent form to district department head or site principal requesting permission to conduct research in the district department or school according to the instructions listed in this regulation.

Consideration of Research Requests
The Assessment & Evaluation Department shall review all requests and give approval if it meets criteria established by the District.

  • The participation of all research subjects is wholly voluntary.
  • Provision is made for confidentiality of responses, where appropriate.
  • The use of instructional time is not excessive.
  • Students' programs are not adversely affected.
  • The research is not in conflict with any Governing Board Policy or Regulation.
  • The research, the instrument or the purpose of the research is not discriminatory in nature based on age, race, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin.
  • The researcher's purpose, methodology and the research questions demonstrate no conflict of interest.

Approval to Conduct Research
Research requests will be examined and approval will be granted in the following manner.

  • Each request for research is examined individually by the External Research Committee in Assessment & Evaluation.
  • The decision of the External Research Committee for research requests shall be communicated in writing to the research applicant within a three week period following submission of request.
  • The decision of the External Research Committee is contingent upon written consent of the principal(s) whose students, teacher, staff, or facilities would be involved in the proposed research. Each principal is ultimately responsible for the decision relative to the involvement of students, teachers, staff or facilities under his or her direction.
  • The researcher is responsible for providing the district department head or site principal(s) of each school or district department targeted for the proposed research with an approved copy of the research proposal and all relevant corresponding information.

Implementation of Research Project
When a request to conduct research has been approved, the principal researcher must ensure District regulations are strictly followed.

  • Prior to commencing a research project in the school(s), the researcher needs to meet with the district department head or site Principal to verify written consent along with the date and times for the research.
  • The researcher shall not have access to student records.
  • The research personnel are responsible for minimizing the amount of inconvenience or disruption of normal district department or school activities.
  • The researcher will be directed to consult the district department head or site Principal to seek access to the district department or school(s) and other considerations in conducting the research project following District approval.
  • Any changes or amendments to the procedures or design of the research project must be communicated to the External Research Committee, Assessment & Evaluation Department prior to the research being conducted.
  • Upon completion of the study, one copy of the report of the results and appropriate discussions shall be sent to the External Research Committee, Assessment & Evaluation Department.

Created: October 5, 2004
Updated: August 22, 2014 Friday Report (department name change)
Revised: July 14, 2023