Smoking on School Premises at Public Functions

Section K: School/Community Relations

Policy Title: Smoking on School Premises at Public Functions
Policy Code: KFAA

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The possession or use of tobacco products, or electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in the following locations:

  • District Grounds
  • District Buildings
  • District Parking Lots
  • District Playing Fields
  • School Buses and other District Vehicles
  • Off-campus District-sponsored Events

Under the provisions of A.R.S. 36-798.03, a person who violates the prohibition is guilty of committing a petty offense.

The prohibitions do not apply to an adult when possession or use of the tobacco products are for demonstration purposes as a necessary instructional component of a tobacco prevention or cessation program that is:

  • Approved by the District
  • Established in accord with Arizona Revised Statute 15-712.

No person shall smoke marijuana in any public place.

Adopted: July 23, 2013

LEGAL REF: A.R.S. 13-362215-34115-71236-798.0336-2802
20 U.S.C. 608320 U.S.C. 718120 U.S.C. 7183

CROSS REF: GBED – Smoking by Staff Members
JICG – Tobacco Use by Students
KFA – Public Conduct on School Property