Extracurricular Activity Eligibility

Section J - Students

Policy Title: Extracurricular Activity Eligibility
Policy Code: JJJ

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All interscholastic activities in grades  Kindergarten through twelve (12) that are:

  1. of a competitive nature and involve more than one school where a championship, winner, or rating is determined and
  2. endeavors for which no credit is earned in meeting graduation or promotion requirements and
    • that are of a continuous and ongoing nature, and
    • organized, planned, or sponsored by the District,
  3. consistent with District policy, shall be conducted under the provisions of this policy.

Such activities will be established and designed to offer students worthwhile athletic and leisure-time interests, wholesome recreational and social activity, and an opportunity to develop skills in democratic and cooperative management for these activities.

These programs will be appropriate to the maturity of students and as varied as staff and facilities permit.


All such activities conducted under the auspices of the District shall be under the direct supervision of the certificated individual responsible for the activity.


  • The eligibility criterion for extracurricular participation shall be a passing grade in all classes in which the student is enrolled, and the student shall maintain progress toward promotion or graduation.
  • The sponsor for each extracurricular activity will monitor the academic work of all students participating in his or her extracurricular program(s).
  • Student grades shall be checked by the Athletic Coordinator of the student’s school on a cumulative basis every grading period (four and one-half (4-1/2) weeks).

The responsibility for notification of students and parents of these requirements and for enforcement of the above rule rests with the Superintendent.


  • Students who, upon having their grades checked show that they are not working to capacity and have one (1) or more failing grades will be deemed ineligible from any athletic team’s or extracurricular activities’ competition.
  • Students whose behavior presents a problem or jeopardizes school discipline may be ineligible for participation in extracurricular activities until such time as their behavior warrants reinstatement.
    1. The student and the parents or guardian shall be notified of ineligibility in a manner such that confidentiality is maintained when Ineligibility is pending.
    2. Ineligibility is determined to be necessary.
  • Support services shall be made available to students who become ineligible for extracurricular programs as well as to students notified of pending ineligibility.

Exceptional Education Students

The same general standards shall apply for exceptional education students except that such eligibility shall be determined on a case-by-case basis in relationship to the respective students' individual education program.

Regaining Eligibility

Students deemed ineligible due to academic performance can regain eligibility after two (2) weeks if passing all classes.

Teachers are not required to create additional assignments or assessments for ineligible students, though they may at their own discretion.

After ineligible students improve their respective grades such that they are passing on a cumulative basis, the student shall regain eligibility to his or her teams or extracurricular activities until a subsequent grade check is performed, unless the student is ineligible for some reason other than academic performance.

Religious or Cultural Accessories

A District school, or interscholastic athletic association of which the District is a member may not prohibit a student from wearing a religious or cultural accessory or hair piece while participating in an extracurricular or athletic activity if the accessory or hair piece does not jeopardize the health or safety of the student or any other person participating in the activity, as determined by the supervisor of the extracurricular activity or the officiant of the athletic activity.


The Superintendent shall establish regulations to ensure that:

  • Necessary documents in support of this policy are maintained.
  • Necessary data related to ineligible students are collected and reported as required by law.
  • The cultural traditions of students are considered when establishing or enforcing rules related to participation in extracurricular activities.
  • All students have equal access to extracurricular activities regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.
  • The requirements of this policy are met.

The Superintendent may develop additional rules or procedures for the proper conduct of extracurricular programs and the implementation of the provisions of this policy.

Adopted: August 16, 1960
Revised: January 15, 1974
Revised: January 14, 1986
Revised: July 14, 1987
Revised: October 27, 1987
Revised: June 13, 1989
Revised: August 7, 1990
Revised: September 1, 1992
Revised: September 9, 2008 (numeric to letter format only)
Revised: July 2, 2012 (Public Hearing Held on: July 2, 2012)
Revised: April 28, 2020


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15-802.01 Homeschooled children; eligibility to participate in interscholastic activities

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JJJ-R – Extracurricular Activity Guidelines Regulation