Student Activities Funds

Section J - Students

Policy Title: Student Activities Funds
Policy Code: JJF

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Upon recommendation by the Superintendent, the Board will designate a student activities treasurer. The Superintendent shall assure the establishment and maintenance of a "Student Activity Fund" as defined in A.R.S. §15-1121 through A.R.S. §15-1124.

When appropriate, and upon recommendation by the Superintendent, the Board may designate an assistant activities treasurer for each school.

The Superintendent shall require the establishment of appropriate procedures whereby all persons having any duties relating to such funds are advised of the requirements and responsibilities therefore. All such persons shall be held strictly accountable for the manner in which these guidelines are followed.

The Superintendent shall ensure that an accurate, detailed record of all revenues and expenditures of the student activities fund is kept. The record shall be made in such form as the Board prescribes. Copies of the record shall be presented to the Board not less than once during each calendar year.

Adopted: August 16, 1960
Revision: April 20, 1971
Revision: November 12, 1996
Revision: September 9, 2008 (numeric to letter format only)
Revision: August 23, 2011

LEGAL REF.: Arizona Revised Statute §15-1122 et seq

Arizona Revised Statue §15-1123. Records of revenues and expenditures

Replaces TUSD Policy # 3210