Released Time For Religious Instruction

Section J - Students

Policy Title: Released Time For Religious Instruction
Policy Code: JHCB

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Students at the school may be granted released time to attend religion classes under the following conditions and guidelines:

  1. The person who has custody of the student has given written consent.
  2. Any religious instruction or exercise takes place at a suitable place away from school property designated by a church or religious denomination or group.
  3. School credit will not be given for religion classes, nor will the course title be placed on the permanent record of the student.
  4. Discipline problems, reporting to parents, attendance and other procedures necessary to class operation shall be the responsibility of the religion class instructors or supervisors.
  5. Religion instructors shall be responsible for notifying parents when students violate attendance policies.
  6. Changes in policies relating to religion classes must be reviewed by the school administration and the Governing Board.
  7. The school administration shall have the responsibility of conferring with the appropriate church authorities in matters relating to this policy and, when deemed necessary, shall take appropriate action to see that such policies are followed.

Adopted: March 8, 2005 (Replaces #3/G under General Standards in Policy 5000)
Revised: November 22, 2011

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. 15-806