Entrance Age Requirements

Section J - Students

Policy Title: Entrance Age Requirements
Policy Code: JEB

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A Preschool child means a child at least three years of age but who has not reached the age required for kindergarten.

Special Preschool (Early Childhood Exceptional Education)
A child evaluated and recommended for special services for a disability in accord with statute, and who has reached their third (3rd) birthday, may be admitted to preschool.If otherwise eligible, the District may admit a child who is within ninety (90) days of reaching age three (3) years if it is determined to be in the best interest of the individual. The Director of Project Able shall make such determination based upon one or more consultations with parent(s), guardian(s), the child, and the multidisciplinary placement team.

Kindergarten & First Grade
For admission to kindergarten, children must be five years of age prior to September 1 of the current school year.

Children may be admitted to first grade who are six years of age, or shall be deemed six years of age if they reach such age prior to September 1 of the current school year.

Exceptions to Kindergarten and first grade admissions will only be made by the Superintendent or designee and shall be consistent with state law.

Transfer from another School
A kindergarten or first grade student seeking a transfer to a TUSD school may be admitted under the following circumstances:

  • The accredited public school or private school from which the student is transferring has an age admission requirement which differs from TUSD’s Governing Board policy; and
  • The student has been enrolled for at least a full semester; and/ or
  • The student has demonstrated developmental, academic and emotional grade level competency (aligned with Arizona State Standards) as evidenced by school records and verified by the receiving school.

Adopted: December 13, 2005
Revision: June 24, 2008
Revised: February 22, 2011

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. 15-701 Common school; promotions; requirements;
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A.A.C. R7-2-301 Minimum Course of Study and Competency Goals for Students in the Common Schools

CROSS REF: Policy # JG - Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels

Replaces TUSD Policy # 5001 Required Age for Admission of Children