School Volunteers Regulation

Section I: Instructional Program

Regulation Title: School Volunteers
Regulation Code: IJOC-R
Lead Department: Academic Leadership

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To ensure the safety of our students, each individual who wishes to volunteer at a school must first complete a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM. This form is maintained at the school site in a confidential file for the duration of the individual's volunteer efforts at the school.

Additionally, all volunteers must comply with the requirements of Governing Board Policy GDFA and GDFA-R regarding fingerprint clearance and certification relating to criminal offenses.

  • Parent volunteers who have a child at the school at which they will be volunteering do not need to be fingerprinted but will need to complete the certification regarding criminal offenses. (See VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM ) This certification will be maintained together with the volunteer application form in a secure location at the school site.
  • Non-parent volunteers and those parents who are volunteering at a school site where they do not have a child enrolled must be referred to Human Resources for fingerprinting and certification regarding criminal offenses. (See Governing Board Policy GDFA and GDFA-R)

Reviewed: July 29, 2005 [Friday Report]
Revised: August 15, 2012 [Policy Reference Correction Only]

Replaces TUSD Regulation # 1140 Volunteer Programs