Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

Section I: Instructional Program

Policy Title: Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
Policy Code: IGE

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Curriculum guides shall be developed for the various subject areas with sufficient specificity so that all teachers can consistently describe how students will demonstrate mastery of the intended objective.

Formative assessment instruments will be aligned to specific curriculum objectives and the data obtained from these assessments will be used to guide the teacher to differentiate curriculum to meet the needs of students.

The guides shall be designed to assist users in implementing the District written curriculum and will suggest a variety of possibilities for instruction, patterns of individualization, variations of approaches, and materials.

The Superintendent or designee will widely disseminate to all teachers and building level administrators a synopsis of research-supported instructional strategies and define the instructional model(s) to be adopted in classrooms throughout the district. These instructional strategies will include focused instructional strategies designed to raise student achievement of all subpopulations.

The Superintendent or designee will formulate procedures for the development of both formatively and summatively periodic review of curriculum guides.

Adopted: July 2, 2012
Revised: August 2014
Revised: April 14, 2015

A.R.S. 15-341