Administrative Temporary Assignment

Section G: Personnel

Policy Title: Administrative Temporary Assignment
Policy Code: GCCI

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Administrative Temporary Assignment – An absence from duty administratively authorized, without loss of pay and without loss to leave accruals.


  • During the investigation of an alleged improper act by an employee which may result in formal disciplinary action.
  • When the continued presence of the employee on campus may constitute a substantial interference with the orderly functioning of the school, or of an area, unit, or department.
  • When the retention of an employee in an active working status may be detrimental to the interests of the school district or injurious to the employee, his/her fellow workers, or the general public.
  • When there are grounds to believe that an employee's health interferes with the safety or health of students, the employee or other employees.
  • When an employee has been charged with unprofessional conduct or inadequate class performance, and there are no student safety issues to prevent reassignment pursuant to their contract.

Employees shall be placed in Administrative Temporary Assignment for a reasonable time frame necessary under the circumstances that led to the temporary assignment.

The Superintendent, or designee, is authorized to place employees on an administrative temporary assignment as defined by and in accordance with this Policy and may not be used for punitive purposes.

Adopted: July 24, 2007
Revised: November 22, 2011 [Note: Previously coded GCCA]