Staff Involvement in Decision Making Regulation

Section G: Personnel

Regulation Title: Staff Involvement in Decision Making
Regulation Code: GBB-R

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Employee Suggestion Plan; Screening Committee

Definition of Terms

The following are definitions of common terms used in the employee suggestion plan:

Plan. This word refers to the School District's employee suggestion plan.

Suggestion screening committee. This refers to a committee appointed by the Board to review all suggestions received and to rule on the recommended disposition of each suggestion before it reaches the Board.

Suggestion. A suggestion is a written proposal made by an employee that clearly suggests to management the way to do a job better, more quickly, more easily, more effectively, or at less cost. However, suggestions that have already been adopted or that have been submitted previously, and matters already under consideration by the Board prior to the submission of the suggestion, where such consideration can be substantiated by the existence of written reports, agenda, minutes, or other documents, shall not be considered as eligible suggestions.

Employee. Employee refers to any person employed by the Board, full or part time, who is on the payroll at the time the suggestion is submitted and award is made.

Monetary award. A monetary award is a payment to an employee for a suggestion that will result in a net saving to the school system in the first year after it has been placed into effect, it may be a payment for a suggestion having a value that cannot be estimated and that affects the health, safety, or welfare of a group of employees, or it may be a payment for a suggestion that results in improved services being rendered to the public.

Beneficial Suggestion Awards -Types and Amounts

Monetary awards based on:

  • Savings:
    • Cash awards will be recommended for beneficial suggestions resulting in tangible savings. Each recommended award will be based on ten percent (10%) of the first year's estimated savings with the minimum award set at $15 and with no set limit to the maximum. The costs of installing suggestions may be amortized on a reasonable basis in order to distribute these costs over a longer period than one year. Monetary awards shall be authorized as soon as possible after installation of the suggestion. All recommended awards must be approved by the Board.
    • The suggestion screening committee shall recommend awards of not less than $15 or more than $50 for adopted suggestions representing savings the amount of which cannot be estimated, and not less than $10 for safety suggestions.
  • Approval. All monetary awards shall, before they become effective, be recommended by the committee and approved by the Board.

Eligibility for Participation in the Plan

Employee eligibility. As a general principal all employees, with the exception of administration and supervisory personnel – such as but not limited to the Superintendent, assistants to the Superintendent, directors, coordinators, building principals, and assistant building principals – shall be eligible to submit suggestions. All suggestions must be mailed to the committee during the term of employment.

Eligibility of suggestions including procedures.

  • Ineligible suggestions. The following types of suggestions will not be eligible:
    • Suggestions that call attention to a problem but do not propose a solution. Such suggestions may be given publicity to encourage employees to find solutions.
    • Suggestions that are submitted on behalf of employees who are ineligible to receive awards.
    • Suggestions that are basically duplicates of those submitted within the preceding twelve-month period by another employee.
    • Suggestions dealing with the professional use of classroom materials and methods.
  • Submission of suggestions. The suggestion screening committee shall prescribe the procedures for submission and processing of suggestions. Suggestions shall be acknowledged promptly, and unnecessary delays in the evaluation of suggestions shall not be permitted. If the analysis and evaluation of a suggestion, including a final report from the department concerned, exceeds the period of 60 calendar days, a second communication shall be sent to the suggester stating the reasons for the delay and that the suggester will be advised as soon as the evaluation of the suggestion is complete.
  • Ownership of adopted suggestions. All suggestions become the property of the School District.

Administration of the Plan

There shall be a suggestion screening committee appointed by the Board whose function shall be to review all suggestions received and rule on all suggestions received before they are submitted to the Board for final action.

Board Approval. All monetary awards shall be approved by the Board before the award can be made.

Appeal by employees. An employee who is dissatisfied with a rejection is entitled to ask for reconsideration of the previous decision upon submission of additional or supplemental information that was not covered in the original proposal or that points out an error in the evaluation report.

Amendments. The foregoing rules may be amended, expanded, or terminated at any time by recommendation of committee and approval by the Board.

Reviewed: July 12, 2011 [Via email from Supt's Ofc to Board]