Environmental Quality - Vehicle Idling

Section E: Support Services

Policy Title: Environmental Quality - Vehicle Idling
Policy Code: EEC
Lead Department: Transportation Services

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Tucson Unified School District is committed to becoming a National leader in helping to improve environmental quality. In this policy TUSD will strive to reduce vehicle exhaust exposure to students, drivers and the community by limiting unnecessary idling of vehicles, including school buses, at all District sites and while on District business.

This policy applies to all vehicles at school sites, vehicles used to transport children for off-site activities, school buses and all vehicles used for District business.

Drivers of all vehicles will

  • turn off their vehicle upon reaching their destination and not turn the engine on until departing from that destination.
  • avoid driving close behind other vehicles to avoid fumes from entering the passenger compartment.
  • use internal circulation mode with windows closed while traveling in town or close to other vehicles.

School Buses

  • Bus drivers have the power to help keep our air clean and model the Idle Reduction behavior that maintains environmental quality.

All drivers that visit District school sites, transport children for off-site activities, drive school buses and/or travel for District business will be notified regarding the District's position on environment quality - vehicle idling.

Adopted: June 21, 2005
Reviewed: April 16, 2013