School Bus Advertising

Section E: Support Services

Policy Title: School Bus Advertising
Policy Code: EEAFB
Lead Department: Transportation Services/ Public Information

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Tucson Unified School District may sell space on the exterior of its school buses for advertisements that are age appropriate; do not promote any substance that is illegal for minors such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs or gambling; and comply with the state sex education policy of abstinence. The advertising will be respectful of all people, and not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, marital status, socioeconomic status, cultural background, familial status, or physical or linguistic characteristics.

These opportunities will seek to model and promote positive values for the students of the Tucson Unified School District through proactive educational messages and not just traditional advertising of a product. Preferred advertising includes messages that encourage student achievement and the establishment of high standards of personal conduct.

All advertising must be in the form of an age-appropriate public service message. A company's name, logo, phone number, web address and appropriate photos and graphical elements may be used; however, the advertising copy may not directly promote a business, service or product.

The Superintendent will establish an advisory committee to review and approve ad copy, which shall include community membership and student input.

The Superintendent or designee will approve all bus signage following review by the advisory committee and in accordance with State law, this policy and accompanying regulation.

TUSD will establish a school bus advertisement fund comprised of revenues from the sale of advertising space on school buses, in accordance with A.R.S. 15-342 (27)(c).

Adopted: September 20, 2005 -- Policy will be reviewed in September, 2006.
Revision: December 9, 2008
Reviewed: June 11, 2013

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. 15-342 Discretionary powers
15-349 Operation of motor vehicle fleet

CROSS REF.: DJ - Purchasing Policy and Regulation