Security (Surveillance Cameras)

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Policy Title: Security (Surveillance Cameras)
Policy Code: ECAA

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Authority and Scope

Tucson Unified authorizes the use of surveillance cameras in school buses, schools or on District property and body worn cameras worn by school safety officers as approved by the Superintendent, to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all students, employees, and visitors, and to safeguard District facilities, vehicles, and equipment.

Surveillance cameras may be used in locations as deemed appropriate by the District administration but shall not be used in locations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.


The District shall notify employees, parents, and students through handbooks, information guides, and/or other means of communication that surveillance may occur on school buses, schools, and on District property.

Evidence in Disciplinary and Criminal Proceedings

Video and/or audio recordings may be used as evidence following a thorough investigation and notification to affected employee(s) or parents involving any disciplinary action, administrative proceeding, or criminal proceeding, and, under certain circumstances, may become a part of a student's educational record.

Surveillance Cameras and Equipment

Employees or students who vandalize, damage, disable, or render inoperable surveillance cameras and equipment shall be responsible for such losses, damages, and costs, and shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and referral to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Disclosure of Recordings

Video recordings may be disclosed to law enforcement personnel and to school officials with legitimate educational interests.

Parents or guardians of students charged with disciplinary violations may view the relevant portions of any video relating to the charge upon written request to the school principal. Because the schools are bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), copies of video recordings containing other identifiable students shall not be released to school officials without legitimate educational interests or to students or parents without the written permission of the parent or guardian of all such identifiable students, or through subpoena or court order.

School personnel may also view the relevant portions of any video relating to any disciplinary charge against them upon written request to the school principal.

Records Retention and Requests

The District shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws related to record maintenance and retention.

Parents, guardians, or school personnel should be aware that Tucson Unified maintains security camera video recordings for a limited period, so any request under this policy must be made within fifteen

(15) calendar days of the event.


The Superintendent shall establish procedures to ensure monitoring and compliance with this policy.

ADOPTED: March 30, 2021


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BBAA - Board Member Authority and Responsibilities
JR and JR-R - Student Records
EEA Student Transportation in School Buses
EEAE Bus Safety Program