Policy Code DFG

Review & Action of Impact to the District Based on Growth & Rezoning

Section D: Fiscal Management

Policy Title: Review & Action of Impact to the District Based on Growth & Rezoning
Policy Code: DFG
Lead Department: Superintendent's Office

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Tucson Unified School District takes an active role to determine the impact that proposed rezoning, zoning changes or plat approvals may have upon the District schools today and according to the District's comprehensive facility plan.

Tucson Unified School District will review and take action on all proposed rezoning, zoning changes and plat approvals to determine proximity of dangerous, incompatible or otherwise inappropriate proposed land uses near existing or planned schools or school facilities. TUSD will also review for potential impact to school enrollment and, if needed, negotiate for a donation to mitigate impact on present taxpayers.

Proposed Potential Risks:
Where a proposed zoning change or modification would result in conditions which the Superintendent believes may be detrimental to or pose a risk to students attending a District school, the Superintendent shall express such concerns to the appropriate zoning authority and notify the Board of his/her actions.

Student Enrollment Impact:
Where a proposed zoning modification would result in an increase in student enrollment at one or more District schools, the Superintendent may notify the zoning authority of the projected impact on the District's ability to provide appropriate school facilities or take appropriate steps to provide for any increase in enrollment, or both. Analysis of the impact of proposed zoning change or development shall take into account other rezoning actions and developments previously approved by the zoning authority. If the requested development or zoning modification will result in an enrollment increase which would require the District to construct or improve facilities to maintain a reasonable and positive learning environment and which funding is not likely to be available from currently available sources, the Superintendent may also oppose the proposed development or requested zoning modification on behalf of the District.

Written Agreement:
The Superintendent may, on behalf of the District, enter into a written agreement with a person or entity requesting a zoning change or plat approval to provide monetary or other contributions to be used toward new school construction, improvements, additions or upgrades to existing schools and/or equipment. The agreement may provide that the Superintendent shall take the benefit to the District from such a donation into consideration when responding to the zoning authority regarding a proposed development or rezoning request. The superintendent shall also consider other factors, such as District growth patterns, District Comprehensive Facility and Equipment Plan, School Facilities Board construction projections and funding, and bond support for school construction, before responding to any rezoning request.

Authority and Reporting:
The Superintendent may appoint a designee to carry out the requirements of this policy. The Superintendent shall make quarterly reports to the Governing Board regarding the status of proposed new developments and rezoning matters affecting District enrollment.

Adopted: April 12, 2005
Reviewed: March 18, 2013